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the Dog of Tears debut album, "Charsey Chicken Soup," will be available for free download via Active Meditation Music as of Monday, October 21st.
If you would like to reserve your copy of a unique physical CD with handmade packaging and artwork, please e-mail me.

for now this is the place to learn about and listen to the sonic art of DAVID CHAIM COHEN.
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upcoming gigs:
soon to be announced- numerous local and international events!

There are three main projects:

this is "trance" music. please listen to the current demo:

this is intelligent dub techno weird beat music. here is a sample of the upcoming album:

and here is His Theme:

and of course... D.C. OFFSET
this is experimental music based in drone, ambient, noise, and polyrhythmic sequencing. please listen to these two albums:

You've made it this far. That is good. Would you like to know more?
David Chaim Cohen has been making electronic music for about 14 years under various monikers. In 2003 he moved from his hometown of Framingham, Massachusetts, to Southern California. There he attended the California Institute of the Arts. At CalArts, Cohen studied experimental filmmaking, mostly focusing on the 16mm film medium. It was here that his brain was squeezed like an orange and the eyes were opened to the beautiful world of experimentation and abstraction. David learned that he wished to explore abstract forms of art in whatever medium was convenient. Through crafting hand processed and alchemically created film-pieces, he learned the diligence and motivation involved in crafting truly complex and impressionable art. Already Cohen had a precocious understanding of electronic music, with obscure tastes ranging from Skinny Puppy, to Coil, to Can, Muslimgauze, Orbital, Meat Beat Manifesto, et. al. He had already been collecting analog synthesizers since the eighth grade with the purchase of a Sequential Circuits Pro One. Modular synths were discovered via Blacet kits in high school. David had already been exposed to some psychedelic trance, but his understanding of it was fairly limited to techier German styles (X-Dream, Delta, et. al.) and home listening.

Early on after moving to California, a couple of friends began taking him to outdoor psy-trance gatherings. This changed everything. Within 2 years, David was throwing parties, DJing, and producing his own music under the name The Dog of Tears. This was an interesting project name choice-- before trance, Cohen was mostly producing noise and experimental ambient music, which was where the Dog of Tears name originated from (see Blindness by Jose Saramago). It was only as a matter of convenience that he continued to use this project name for trance. It took many years for DOT to understand the desires of a trance dancefloor, early DOT sets were mired in experimentation and distortion, far too much for most trancers to handle. With an infamous reputation developing, Dog was finding it difficult to continue within the trance framework. But then around 2009 something beautiful happened-- Goa Gil began playing his music. It came as a surprise to many, but within no time, DOT was being featured on Gil's Divine Dozen lists and released on his compilations.

Since then, things have branched out significantly. The dormant A.C. Lyon and D.C. Offset projects became active, production calibre increased, studios expanded, and ideas espoused upon. Currently Cohen resides in beautiful Villa Grande, California, right on the Russian River, where he reclusively broods on the next sonic assault. Music has been released by Avatar, Active Meditation Music, Anomalistic, Jellyfish Frequencies, Mistress of Evil, and under the Xexify name.

Still want to know more? Maybe you'd like to see the studio. Here is the current gear list plus some shitty iPhone pics:

Quadcore Intel MacPro running Logic
12U Bugbrand Modular system
9U Blacet/Wiard modular system
Original Oberheim SEM with patch points
Hordijk Benjolin
Elektron Octatrack
Elektron A4
Shbobo Shnth
Eventide Space
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Innerclock Synclock
Mackie HR828
Motu Ultralite mk3
Mackie 1202-VLZ
a shit ton of blankets and sweaters for acoustic insulation
an unlimited supply of Hash

Some shitty pics:

hope you enjoyed my 1992 style website. here's that e-mail link again.