This gathering is held on PRIVATE LAND and no unauthorized vehicles will be allowed on the property under the penalty of the law.  

PLEASE do not forget to pack plenty of warm clothes, flashlights, camping gear (tents, blankets, etc), and water as the conditions will be cold and dry with possible winds at sunset, typical for spring in the Mojave.  PLEASE also remember to pack out ALL OF YOUR TRASH.  Bring trash bags.  You must leave NO TRACE, inspect the perimeter around your campsite before you leave.  There are 3 trancer-built composting toilets available at the event site.  You will be instructed on their use at the gate.  Please only use them for #2.


Most cars should be fine on the dirt roads as long as you handle them wisely and safely.  People have driven Prius’s and Camry’s and Civics to this property and have been just fine, just take it easy on the roads.

  If some parts are slippery with loose dirt, make sure to maintain a consistent speed while coasting through these sections.  Avoid banking on either side of the road.  If you do get stuck, just wait patiently for the next car and have them assist you in pushing out (we have not had any one get stuck in years, but just FYI...)




Please use these GPS coordinates only as a guideline and follow the given directions. DO NOT try and simply punch in the coordinates on your GPS and follow GPS given directions or you will get lost.  This is unless of course you have a spaceship 

If at any time anyone has a question about directions or alternative routes from your local area (i.e. how to get here from places like Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Arizona, Reno, etc.) please contact (the) Dog of Tears by e-mailing him: dog@xexify.com or send him a Facebook message.

Directions are as follows:::

FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA take the most direct route to the 15 fwy and head north.  Just after climbing Cajon pass and reach the Mojave, exit on highway 395 and reset odometer at the first Pilot truck stop. Proceed ~27.8 miles and turn right at a small dirt road marked by two stacked spare tires with reflectors.

Alternative route (from Northern LA, this is fastest): Head north on the 5 fwy, exit on to the 14 fwy and continue heading north.  Drive about 65 miles on the 14 until you come to the town of Mojave.  At the Faststrip gas station, make a right— there are signs for the 58 freeway.  Head down this road until you see the on ramp for the 58 East.
Take the 58 fwy heading east for about 30 miles, until you come to “Kramer Junction,” where you will turn right on the 395 freeway, heading south.  Reset your odometer and proceed for 13.6 miles before turning left at a small dirt road marked by two stacked spare tires with reflectors. 

FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA take the most direct route to the 5 fwy and head south. Near Bakersfield take Highway 58 East, pass through the town, climb the Tehachapi mountain pass, and drop down into the Mojave.  At Kramer Junction where the 58 intersects the 395, turn right to head south on the 395.  Reset your odometer and proceed ~13.6 miles.  Turn left at a small dirt road marked by two stacked spare tires with reflectors.

Slight shortcut for those coming from Northern California: Take the 46 EAST off the 5, instead of driving all the way to the 58.  This leads directly to highway 99,  go south on 99 from here to intersect the 58 mid-Bakersfield.  Consult a map if you are unsure of this route.


NOTE this dirt road (which after a mile or so merges with Open Route 6166) is approximately 1.7 miles north of Buckthorne Canyon road (BCR), which may show up on your GPS or phone.  If you use Apple maps on an iPhone, BCR definitely shows up if you zoom in far enough.  In the past, for events such as Moontribe, people have used BCR.  Xexify’s path does not follow BCR for a few reasons.  We ask those of you who are joining us for Xexify to please refrain from taking BCR.

On this dirt road (which is not on most maps), reset your odometer and head ~3.2 miles and turn left at the “Open Route 6166” BLM marker.

Once you turn left at ~3.2 miles marked by the “Open Route 6166” BLM marker, where you will see two more stacked tires with reflectors nearby, reset your odometer and head north on this road for ~0.6 miles.  Along this stretch you will climb a small ridge we call Reyes Ridge.   Do not slow down as you climb this ridge; it is a bit steep.  Turn right a bit after the ridge summit and head 0.2 miles.

Congratulations you have arrived!  Friendly trancers will meet and greet you.  Please try to set up your camp to the far right or left of the dancefloor.  Make yourself comfortable!  We would love for you to spin some fire!  Stay warm with the fire.


head down initial dirt road (marked by 2 stacked tires) for 3.2 miles. (do not take Buchthorne Canyon Road!)
turn left at “Open Route 6166” marker (there will also be 2 stacked tires).
head .6 miles, you will go over a short but slightly steep ridge.
Bear right after the ridge and the event entrance is .2 miles ahead (you will see/hear us by this point)