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The Dog of Tears is David Chaim Cohen, also manager of Xexify.

The Dog has been making electronic music since the sixth grade. An early encounter with groups like Skinny Puppy, Orbital, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Download, Underworld, The Prodigy, and many others provided the impetus for a precocious understanding of electronica. Early on, his fetish for analog hardware was discovered, and since then, nearly all of his music is made with these analog instruments (see Studio page).

In 2004, after reading Jose Saramago's "Blindness," David came up with The Dog of Tears project. At first it was focused on creating unrelenting walls of complex-noise that was at once both meditative and physiologically disturbing. Collaborations between David, Asom, W.V. Kabal, and Knob Goblin (one half of Sweatshop Boys) sprang forth as The Dog of Tears Orchestra, and many live performances were held through-out a four or five year time-span, mostly in the Los Angeles area. Further collaboration with visual-artist Sandy Ding and his "Flashlight Show" completed the sensorial eruption.

As David started frequenting more and more trance parties, it became apparent that he needed to start producing some doof-doof of his own. Having always frowned upon the production of dance-music, this was a difficult transition for The Dog of Tears. Early Dog-trance was maniacally distorted, difficult to bear, pulsing techno-trance, with only the most minor semblance of homogeneity with the genre it was supposed to be apart of. Since this time-period, The Dog has honed his noises, tempered them for the un-suspecting trance-public, and the result is a new form of trance-dance for the underground generation.

David currently resides in beautiful west Sonoma county, California, on the Russian River.

For more information, bookings, et cetera, please contact dog@xexify.com

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